Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Great Eight

Sunday has arrived and I have officially been here for a week. I spent the day walking throughout the countryside and even made time for a dip in Ballycotton Bay! The water temperature reminds me of Maine in August- refreshing, crisp, and likely to encourage the swimmer to resurface and exit as quickly as possible. I might just have to work a heart-stopping swim into my weekly (daily?!) routine. Since we did not have class today, I have no new cooking tips to share (I'm nothing but a meager messenger!). If anyone is interested in this course, here are some photos of our "campus" to give you an idea of the lodging.

I took the above photo from one corner of the courtyard, and the below photo from another. Five cottages encircle this central quad. Pictured above are the "Playroom" to the left and the "Barn" on the right. The roof of our headmistress' house looms in the background. Pictured below are the Barn, this time on the left, and a bit of the "Pink Cottage" peaking through on the right. There is also the "White Cottage" and the "Carriage House" adjacent to the courtyard from another angle.

All used to serve as farm huts and were converted into charming living quarters one by one as the school grew in popularity. Each house has a working wood burning stove (for charm, not as a substitute for modern heating!), a fully stocked kitchen, and plenty of showers to go around.
Finally, a stunning view from the top of the hill just up the road. You can see the rocky island on which Ballycotton Light sits in the sound. We can see the ocean from the school, but you get a better look at it from up the road.
Tomorrow, another day of cooking bliss. I am making tomato and coconut soup and white soda bread- stay tuned!

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