Sunday, October 4, 2009


After a long run (have to work off those tarts somehow!) and a good pot of tea, I felt energized to embark on the Ballycotton Cliff Walk this afternoon. The narrow winding path begins in Ballycotton near the fishing pier and runs west along the cliffs for 5 miles to Ballytrasna. To your left falls a steep cliff with craggy rocks below, and to your right rises a hilltop pasture, littered with cows. I couldn't help but think that if I were a cow, living in that Ballycotton pasture would not be a bad gig.

After the hike and a quick dinner, we headed back to the Black Bird for their live music Sunday nights. Anyone is welcome to join in with a motley group of local musicians seated around a table in the corner. Guitars, Irish flutes, a base, and even a trumpet were on the menu this evening. The musicians take turns playing everything from traditional Irish folk songs to Bob Dylan. If you ask me, these fishermen by day, musicians by night should quit their day jobs- they were fantastic. It is worth a trip to Ireland just to hear them sing.

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