Monday, October 26, 2009

Thirty Five

After finishing class on Friday evening, I headed to the Cork Airport to catch a flight to London! I took the tube from Heathrow, and a three friend welcome wagon greeted me at the Paddington Train station. After catching up over a bottle of Chablis (I actually knew what I was drinking!), we went to bed ready for a full London day in the morning.

For breakfast, we stopped at the Fernandez & Wells Cafe in Soho (, a charming coffee shop which served strong lattes and flaky croissants. Their lemon drizzle cake wasn't too shabby, either! I took some serious notes for my imaginary and (hopefully) future specialty foods store and cafe!

We spent the afternoon wandering throughout Soho and the West End. That evening, we headed to Fulham for a few drinks and then traveled across town to the Commercial Tavern in Shoreditch. One takeaway: I thought New York was big until I came here! Or maybe Ballymaloe has just turned me into a country bumpkin?

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