Sunday, November 15, 2009

56 Days Down

On Saturday, I caught up on my filing (we have 4 industrial strength binders gradually filling with recipes) and started my first Ballymaloe sourdough loaf (it will be ready to bake Monday morning). I have tried and failed before to make sourdough bread. The puny loaf emerged from the oven as compact as a diamond after its been through a coal compressor. So here's to hoping for a better result!

Saturday night we headed into Cork to watch Ireland face off against France in a World Cup qualifying match (on TV, not live!). Reardens Bar ( was packed with green and white jersey clad Irishmen, as well as a small population of loud-and-proud Frenchmen. It made for some great people watching! Waitresses handed out paper cones full of french fries at halftime, which seemed (from my perspective) to make up for the disappointment that Ireland lost by one goal.

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