Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 43!!!

Lazy Sunday. I woke up and used a couple of slices of toast as a vehicle to shove as much homemade raspberry jam into my mouth as possible (it doesn't get old). After that feat, we took a 40 minute country drive to historic Lismore, where everything was historically closed. We had planned to get some lunch in town and then tour the Lismore Castle (, but ended up throwing in the towel. It is quite a beautiful structure, from what we could tell from the road! Lucky for us, Ireland's stunning countryside made it worth the (albeit abbreviated) trip.

Happy November! Tomorrow begins another day at school...


  1. Binnie, Your blog is quite amazing and delightful to read. Wonderful pictures too! From the USA, Bill Ames

  2. But what were you for Halloween!!?? xx eaddy